Backyard farming system proves its potential

September 29th, 2023

Arctic Sustainability Group has been running a proof-of-concept system in India. The system, which is full-scale with respect to tank-design and water treatment capability, is packaged in what we call a backyard-farming system. It is designed to provide the south east Asian communities with a state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) at affordable cost.

Built around our patented technology, the system can be tailored to any freshwater fish type and type of feed. In addition, our experts trained the local team to run it over teams, proving the value of modern technology blended with sound and safe design.

Below, we show the real growth curve of the fishes that is growing in this system, Murrell.

The work will continue, as the target weight of the fish to harvest is 800 grams.

Copyright ©2023 Arctic Sustainability Group. Photos of our Murrell in our backyard-farm proof-of-concept fish-farm. On left, a well-sized 400g fish, image from October 2nd, 2023. On right, the juvenile Murrell after moving into their new home back in May 2023.

In our easy-to-use system the fish weight at harvest will be about 500 kg per tank. This corresponds to a fish density of 71 kg/m3.
For people who grow this fish in traditional land-based aquaculture in ponds, the typical method of measuring production is as tons/ha/year. The growth rate of Murrell using our backyard farming system is about 9-11 tons/ha/year. Traditional pond aquaculture has a productivity of 2.0 – 2.5 tons/ha/yr.

Our unique systems will enable families, small-scale business, land-owners with smaller plots of land and traditional fish farmers to generate great yields using land more efficiently. In addition, the system reuses 98-99% of water, lowering water requirements and enabling subsequent usage as fertiliser for vegetables and other crops. The water treatment system can also be run without fish, for producing clean water for human drinking water supply.

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