Update on ASG’s acquired land in Storfors, Sweden

September 29th, 2023. Storfors, Sweden.

Representatives of Arctic Sustainability Group (ASG), together with a representative from the municipality, was present when the Swedish Land Survey (sv. Lantmäteriet) took measurements and staked out the 40 000 m2 land that the company acquired in August 2022. The measurements were taken so the property, which was previously owned by the municipality, can undergo division by subdivision (sv. avstyckning).

ASG is planning to build its first large-scale land-based fish farm on the property, which then will be used as a full-sized reference for the company’s system and technology. The company is today operating a smaller test facility for backyard farming in India.

Construction on the land is expected to start at the beginning of 2024.

Ongoing survey. Stake marking boundary.

Photo by William Jeppsson.

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